Verboticism: Passionvictim

'A nose bidet? Great...'

DEFINITION: v. To pretend to be enthusiastic even when you are not, simply because everyone else is. n. Fake enthusiasm.

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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: pash-n-vict-m

Sentence: Nicky was a passionvictim of the worst kind. She was a champion recruiter for causes she wasn't even interested in just so she could be on the A-list.

Etymology: fashion victim (one who goes along with outlandish clothing and accessories just because everyone else is) + passion (shown by enthusiasts)

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Comments: Passionvictim

Jabberwocky - 2007-05-25: 11:21:00
loved your picture of the cup petaj - if anyone missed it, check out the history tab under verbotomize and see yesterday's word

Stevenson0 - 2007-05-25: 12:09:00
A nice cup of herbal tea to celebrate your victory 'downunder'. Nice touch, but your desk is too neat!

petaj - 2007-05-25: 21:11:00
That was the only bit of neat on the desk. I wasn't going to show off the mess.