Verboticism: Skinfluence

'Do you really think I'm cute?'

DEFINITION: To flirt with a purpose or ulterior motive -- as opposed to casual flirting, which is just for fun.

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Created by: DarthWader

Pronunciation: skin flew ents

Sentence: Flashing bright eyes, a coquettish smile, and a boatload of cleavage, she not-so-subtley skinfluenced the officer into letting her continue on her way.

Etymology: skin (that soft, deliciously touchable outer membrane) + influence (to affect the character, development, or behavior of someone)

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Comments: Skinfluence

wordmeister - 2006-12-20: 09:53:00
Good one DarthW!

glamato - 2006-12-20: 21:19:00