Verboticism: Monsugare

'This donut is so good!'

DEFINITION: v. To enjoy, or derive physical pleasure from, the eating of sweets and other sugared substances -- often leads to over-consumption. n. Pleasure derived from the consumption of sweets.

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Created by: kokorin


Sentence: I was sick of my boss's orders today. I'm gonna monsugare tonight and wanna forget about it.

Etymology: monster+sugar: the sound 'mon' is similer to that of 'man' in 'manger', which means eat in French.

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Comments: Monsugare

kokorin - 2006-12-17: 05:20:00

kokorin - 2006-12-17: 09:50:00
This is my first try. Although English is not my mother tongue, I enjoy to create new words in English. I image a monster who is grinning with pleasure after eating lots of sweets. So I want to call the guy on the illustration 'Monsugar'.