Verboticism: Wrapperscraps

'Why are you licking the wrapper?'

DEFINITION: v. tr., To secretly snap up and gobble down a small bit of food left on a dish, wrapping or pot. n., The small bits of tasty food, like melted cheese or veggies, that stick to food wrapping.

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Created by: Rhyme79

Pronunciation: rapp-uh-scrahh-pss

Sentence: The best part of a yoghurt is the wrapperscraps. Licking the lid might be something you wouldn't do at the Queen's table, but we all do it anyway. Besides, if I dined with the Queen, I'd be a bit disappointed if she only dished up yoghurt for us to eat. I'd at least expect something I'd struggle to pronounce, like some obscure cheese or rare cabbage or something.

Etymology: Wrapper - packaging or cover. Scraps - left over morsels.

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