Verboticism: Dentritus

'How did you know what I had for lunch?'

DEFINITION: n. The bits of food, and other debris, that get stuck between your teeth. v. To smile brightly and proudly unaware that you have a big piece of food stuck in your teeth.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: den try tus

Sentence: Andrew's eating habits were so disgusting, that he usually had to dine alone. He ate messily and loudly and you could guess what menu he had by all the dentritus left behind. His friends nicknamed him "Leader of the Plaque".

Etymology: Dental (of the teeth) & Detritus (the remains of something, refuse)

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Comments: Dentritus

Discoveria - 2012-09-20: 04:24:00
So good I might as well vote for it now. :)

Rhyme79 - 2012-09-20: 10:53:00
Ooo, I should have read today's words before making mine. Interestingly, they are all very similar.

Nosila - 2012-09-21: 01:19:00 both your words, too!