Verboticism: Sweethurt



Created by: artr

Definition: v. To fall out of love with someone because you have finally realized that they are nothing but trouble. n. A vicious lover who has big problems and likes to share them with you.

Pronunciation: sweet-hurt

Sentence: Bob finally hit the road when he figures it was his sweethurt that had the problem. "It ain't me, Babe" were his parting words. Just like a woman, she told Mr. Tambourine Man, "I shall be released". He, on the other hand was tangled up in blue.

Etymology: sweetheart (person whom another loves) + hurt (to cause bodily or mental pain or distress)

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Comments: Sweethurt

Eightbhall - 2013-08-30: 05:12:00
I too originally thought it was a picture of Bob, but you just have to accept that it's all over now (baby blue) so stop being a Joker Man.