Verboticism: Fritoflay



Created by: artr

Definition: n., A cut, or puncture wound on the roof of the mouth inflicted while consuming dangerously crunchy-sharp foods, like potato chips. v., To cut the roof your mouth while eating extra crispy snack foods.

Pronunciation: frētōflā

Sentence: The public speaking teacher has heard almost every excuse possible, from family deaths to computer disasters. The latest is known as the Fritoflay syndrome, characterized by a lacerated tongue, cheeks and palate. The teacher does not allow this as a legitimate reason to delay a student’s speech unless they can prove it was not self-inflicted.

Etymology: Frito-Lay (Frito-Lay North America (FLNA) is a division of PepsiCo, Inc. which manufactures, markets and sells a variety of corn chips, potato chips and other snack foods) + flay (peel the skin off)

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