Verboticism: Gahgahdrooler

'I'd love to work on top of you!'

DEFINITION: n. A person who is so heels-over-head obsessed with someone, that they trip over their own tongue every time they meet them. v. To be so infatuated that you trip over your tongue.

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Created by: abrakadeborah

Pronunciation: Gahhh-gahhh-drewl-er

Sentence: Miss Doyawanna Drool says to Becky, "Oh muhhhh goshhhhh I have become a gahgahdrooler when Antonio looks my way! I turn into a puddle of Doyawanna drool...I'm so gaga over him!" :)~

Etymology: Gahgah: taken from the word-Gaga; French, from gaga fool, of imitative origin Date: 1917 : crazy, foolish : marked by wild enthusiasm : infatuated, doting Drooler; One who drools ; to secrete saliva in anticipation of... :drivel : to make an effusive show of pleasure or often envious or covetous appreciation : to talk nonsense transitive verb : to express sentimentally or effusively

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