Verboticism: Victimidate

'I just got off the phone with my mother!'

DEFINITION: v. To take the frustration and anger you receive from one person and redirect it towards another person, usually of lower status. n. An act of aggression directed towards an individual or object that was not the source of provocation.

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: vic-tim-i-date

Sentence: Sue was known to victimidate anyone who got in the way of her wrath. Whether at work or home she let everyone know that she was definitely the alpha bitch in the pack.

Etymology: victim: a scapegoat-one who suffers for the errors of others; whipping boy + intimidate: frighten into submission; browbeat or bully

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Comments: Victimidate

splendiction - 2009-07-04: 00:13:00
wow, I\'ll avoid her!