Verboticism: Obediencesocool


Created by: splendiction

Definition: v. To use animal training techniques to improve and direct the behavior of other people. n. A technique which uses the principles of animal training to solve a human behavioral riddle.

Pronunciation: rhymes with "obedience school"

Sentence: They had tried everything, it seemed, to eliminate their son’s thumbsucking: behaviour modification, ignoring, even praise. Nothing worked until obediencesocool! The idea of simply complying with their requests actually became the new cool thing to do! They hoped this new trend would last and spawn similar trends.

Etymology: A play on a dog "obedience school".

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Comments: Obediencesocool

Nosila - 2009-06-30: 01:22:00
Cool word...what you have to do with teens these days...