Verboticism: Carcophony

'I think I'm hearing the first sound of spring...'

DEFINITION: v. To drive around in your car with the widows down and stereo blaring. n. The sounds emanating from the suped-up vehicles driven by strutting human males as they participate their annual spring mating rituals.

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: kärkäfənē

Sentence: It's not that any one of them a major noise pollution offender but when classes let out at the high school, the carcophony of stereos shook the leaves off trees in a 3-block radius. The mixture of hip hop, rap, heavy metal, indie & country was enough to make squirrels to chew off their own ears.

Etymology: car (a road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people) + cacophony (a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds)

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Comments: Carcophony

galwaywegian - 2009-03-24: 05:33:00

wayoffcenter - 2009-03-24: 07:12:00
Love it! Poor squirrels!

kateinkorea - 2009-03-24: 11:08:00
Good one.