Verboticism: Bankboozle

'Is my money safe with you?'

DEFINITION: n. A bank which pays huge salaries to its executives who bet their customers' money on dumb investments, risky loans, and the inevitable government bail-out. v. To lend, spend, and mismanage a bank into bankruptcy.

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: bank boo zl

Sentence: Bankboozle (noun or verb). The bankboozle denied its shifty ways of taking finance to the extreme: purchasing companies that didn't exist, providing discredit and embezzling the rest to their shrwiss accounts.

Etymology: This word is a combination of "bank" and part of the word "bamboozle". Bank means to hold (in this case, one's money or investments) and bamboozle means to hoodwink, deceive or confuse.

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Comments: Bankboozle

Mustang - 2009-01-27: 19:42:00
I think I've been bankboozled before. Good word.

silveryaspen - 2009-01-28: 01:44:00
meaning so apparent, easy to say, fun to say, good pun, has originality ... exceptional verbotomy.