Verboticism: Loserofinger


Created by: wackyscience

Definition: n., An expressive gesture made with the belief that the person it is directed at cannot see it, typically occurs during telephone conversations, email discourses, and behind people's backs. v. To use an unseen gesture to express what you cannot say.

Pronunciation: Loo-zer-o-fing-err

Sentence: The classroom was brimming with so much boredom during the Geography period that all the students started loserofingering the bespectacled old hag of a teacher. I dont blame them, that woman probably ate maps for breakfast and compasses for dinner.

Etymology: Loser( A widely used word with wide definitions. Could describe a geek or a nerd. Or could describe someone who irritates you badly, and you get pissed off. Used to demean a person and provokes several wonderful gestures. )-o-fingering( Finger is the one of the 8 things sticking out of your arms [the other two are thumbs] that you use for a variety of purposes for personal pleasure or for sadism and paranoia.)

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Comments: Loserofinger

metrohumanx - 2008-11-19: 20:19:00
Creative etymology.Were you traumatized by that geo class?

metrohumanx - 2008-11-20: 02:28:00
Are you making those definitions up? If so, don't stop.