Verboticism: Ecringe

'Aaaaah!!! My finger slipped.'

DEFINITION: n., A feeling of regret and helplessness, which occurs once you realize that you have just sent out an erroneous email (i.e. one full of stupid mistakes). v., To send out an email and wish you hadn't.

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Created by: metrohumanx

Pronunciation: EEEE-cringe.....(E-cringed, EEK-cringe)

Sentence: FastEddie recoiled in horror when he hastily hit the ENTER key instead of the BACKSPACE, and sent out a passionate love note to the Dean of Humanities instead of his beloved english professor. FastEddie could only E-CRINGE at his witless error and bang his head on the touchpad. He recouldn't e-cant,e-tract, e-verse or even e-pent now. His comments about his professor's crimson garter belt were surging through the information highway, and he could only e-coil at his own stupidity. FastEddie E-CRINGED yet again when he realized that a virus had forwarded it everyone in his address book, too. A POX upon Microsoft Outlook and the devils who spawned it!

Etymology: E(as in e-mail)+CRINGE=E-CRINGE.....cringe: to draw in or contract one's muscles involuntarily (as from cold, pain or humiliation),to shrink in fear ; Middle English crengen; akin to Old English cringan to yield, Middle High German krank weak.

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Comments: Ecringe

Nosila - 2008-10-29: 01:19:00
Yes, e-venge is a dish best served cold!

metrohumanx - 2008-10-29: 01:48:00
RATS! How could I miss that one? I'll have to e-view more carefully in the future....