Verboticism: Wrinkidermis


Created by: Stevenson0

Definition: n., The deep red lines and/or furrows, which appear on a person's face after they have slept on wrinkled or creased bed sheets. v., To wake up and discover that your face matches your wrinkled bed sheets.

Pronunciation: rink/uh/dur/mis

Sentence: It takes at least four, or five hours after I wake up to overcome wrinkidermis embedded on my face and suffered from my creased pillow.

Etymology: WRINKIDERMIS - noun - from WRINKLE (a small furrow, or crease on the face) + EPIDERMIS (the outer layer of the skin)

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Comments: Wrinkidermis

metrohumanx - 2008-10-23: 17:12:00
Technically impeccable...and a little scary.