Verboticism: Fatsulation


Created by: samsync

Definition: v., To not feel guilty about all the weight you're putting on, because you need all the extra calories you can get, to survive the harsh winter climate. n., A type of fat gained by mammals in preparation for winter hibernation.

Pronunciation: fat-su-leh-shern

Sentence: In cold countries, it is important for people to consume more as they need the extra calories as fatsulation.

Etymology: FAT- : lard, oil -SULATION : from insulation

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Comments: Fatsulation

metrohumanx - 2008-10-20: 13:35:00
Can you fatsulate your attic to R-14?

Mustang - 2008-10-20: 20:45:00
Sounds very much like 'hiberflate'. I like it!