Verboticism: Fauxpasderise


Created by: TJayzz

Definition: v. To tease, ridicule or twitter about someone who has made a fashion mistake. n. A materialistic twit who feels it's their duty to inform others when fashion standards have not been met.

Pronunciation: Foe-par-der-ize

Sentence: Although her peers would often Fauxpasderise her, Giselle insisted on not shaving her underarm hair. Despite being frowned upon in the UK, where she came from it was perfectly acceptable.

Etymology: Faux Pas(a social blunder)Origin French 'False step'+ Derision(contemptuous ridicule or mockery) Origin Latin from deridere 'scoff at' = Fauxpasderise

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Comments: Fauxpasderise

green - 2008-06-06: 12:38:00
Great word. I'll use it.

Jabberwocky - 2008-06-06: 16:11:00
very nice

OZZIEBOB - 2008-06-08: 19:07:00
Useful word.