Verboticism: Tocktickrelationship

'Don't tell me your trying to sneak out early?'

DEFINITION: n. A type of frustration created by a manager who never notices when you work late, but always nags you for leaving early whenever you leave on time. v. To carefully monitor your subordinates to ensure that they never leave work a minute early.

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: tok tik ree lay shun ship

Sentence: The interaction, which had always borne the hallmarks of a tocktickrelationship ended badly. The subsequent surgical attempts to reverse the offense which led to its demise proved unsuccessful, leading to extreme embarassment every time her now ex-boss had to travel abroad. He would regularly be stopped and stripsearched at airports and advised by security staff that it was the first time they had found somebody trying to smuggle a twenty dollar watch out of the country using that particular technique.

Etymology: tock tick, toxic relationship

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Comments: Tocktickrelationship

Jabberwocky - 2008-04-23: 08:59:00
reminds me of the crocodile in Peter Pan but then that would be a croctocktickrelationship

Nosila - 2008-04-23: 20:34:00
But this is just pretend so it is a mocktocktickrelationship, but if it was in the clinic, it would be a doctocktickrelationship or in a gym, a jocktocktickrelationship or in a hosiery store, a's endless possibilities!

stache - 2008-04-23: 21:57:00
...or between sports acne physicians, a pockmarkjockdoctocktickrelationship

galwaywegian - 2008-04-24: 04:40:00
What have I begun?