Verboticism: Crapsimile

'Would you like to try my new ride?'

DEFINITION: v. To purchase a low-cost product and cover it with the label, or put it inside the packaging of a premium brand. n. A cheap product, which has been repackaged, or relabeled, by the consumer to make it look like an expensive brand.

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: crap/sim/i/lee

Sentence: Most products from that particular country are a crapsimile of the original product.

Etymology: crap + facsimile

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Comments: Crapsimile

Mustang - 2008-03-03: 18:44:00
Very good!

Tigger - 2008-03-03: 21:54:00
This one put a 'simile' on my face when I read it. Nice!

silveryaspen - 2008-03-03: 22:38:00
Great sentence! Great word!