Verboticism: Blottologging


Created by: CanadianAndyCapp

Definition: v., To write an email while under the influence of an intoxicating substance. n., An email or blog post where the author has chosen to ignore standard literary and social conventions -- thanks to a liberal consumption of alcohol.

Pronunciation: Blotto-Logging or Bl$@@F%&7ngurp

Sentence: Very few people are aware of the dangers of Blottologging in personal or business relationships. Never drink and E-mail!

Etymology: Blotto- To be as pi%%ed as the proverbial newt. Logging- The act of electronic communication See also Bingemail

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Comments: Blottologging

silveryaspen - 2008-01-31: 11:42:00
Good combo! Sure are a lot of blottologgers on the blogs!