Verboticism: Boeingconstrictor

'I feel sorry for these poor sardines.'

DEFINITION: n., A feeling of discomfort, common while sitting on a plane or train, created by the sense that you are about to be decapitated by your fellow passengers who are tilting aggressively towards you. v. To sit in a very small space, which seems to be getting smaller.

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Created by: bookowl

Pronunciation: bow/ing/constrictor

Sentence: I got swallowed up by a boeingconstrictor on my last flight.

Etymology: boeing aircraft + boa constrictor

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Comments: Boeingconstrictor

bananabender - 2008-01-29: 18:38:00
Hilarious! lol!

bananabender - 2008-01-29: 21:45:00
great wordplay. There's also the tight constricted feeling for your etymology too.

Nosila - 2008-01-29: 22:48:00
Good one, bookowl! If the passenger is not sitting on the aisle, would that make them a window viper?

silveryaspen - 2008-01-29: 23:57:00
Great word for all the planes with their cramped seating ... Right on!

OZZIEBOB - 2008-01-30: 16:14:00
Clever & funny! Good word.

chaiandallthatjazz - 2008-01-31: 10:55:00
Good one!

OZZIEBOB - 2008-02-05: 19:44:00
Did you hear about the man who crossed a parrot with a boa constrictor. He didn't know what he got, but believe me, when it talks-he listens.