Verboticism: Vieweraccordiss


Created by: TiaJay

Definition: v., To pretend that you like something that you don't, in hopes that someone else will like your pretensions. n., A person who doesn't like what they actually like, and pretends to like what other people like.

Pronunciation: view-er-a-cor-diss

Sentence: She succumbed to vieweraccordiss when politely telling her co-worker she "adored" her new shoes.

Etymology: view= point of view / viewer= person / accord= agreeing / diss= as in 'dissing' that point of view and really not agreeing

Points: 302

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Comments: Vieweraccordiss

TiaJay - 2007-11-28: 05:02:00
I think I got my v.intr. mixed up --? LOL