Verboticism: Communicocoon


Created by: OZZIEBOB

Definition: v., To avoid unwanted interruptions (visits, calls, or emails) by pretending to be unavailable, unreachable or unconscious. n., A person who pretends they are not home in order to avoid talking to someone.

Pronunciation: k'-mu-ni-K'-koon

Sentence: From time to time Bob felt the need to flee to his "cave" to escape 21st century electronoia. He would communicocoon himself, putting invasive emailers, delhi-diallers and, even, tele-friends in quarantronica. He was a electroglodyte. Roxie accepted Bob's strange state of mind; for, she thought, she had heard someone say that men are from Mars. Maybe, Bob was!

Etymology: Verb - blend of "communi"cate & cocoon: to retreat from unfriendly environment. Noun - blend of "electro"nic & troglodyte: one who lives in solitude (cavedweller).

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Comments: Communicocoon

ErWenn - 2007-10-19: 09:46:00
Such a long word with "i" as the only ascender or descender makes my eyes glaze. Good word, though.

Jabberwocky - 2007-10-19: 13:45:00
does he emerge as a butterfly?

OZZIEBOB - 2007-10-20: 18:20:00
Yes, he does, as a 'social butterfly!'