Verboticism: Documania

'I have to sharpen it?'

DEFINITION: An often debilitating condition characterized by compulsive, repetitive and obsessive reading of product documentation and warranties.

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Created by: misnomer

Pronunciation: dis/claym/pul/siv

Sentence: Her disclaimpuslsiveness was the chagrin of most prospective employers.

Etymology: Disclaimer; compulsive.

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Created by: mythman

Pronunciation: LOY-yer-TOO-dih-tee

Sentence: Bobby feared the industry--due to their growing lawyertudity--would fine him for sleeping on that side of the mattress.

Etymology: attitudes of lawyers ... if you're not doing what all the words say, we'll sue ya!

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Created by: PolishedAmethyst


Sentence: He arrived home with his new game system and was up all night because he is hindirectional when it comes to anything electronic. I'm sure he is still sitting there with the manual.

Etymology: Hinder + direction (al)

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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: doc u manual ist

Sentence: she was a compulsive documanualist always reading every word before touching any item.

Etymology: from documents manuals and fetishist.

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Created by: Manhattan

Pronunciation: In-trin-sick-ae-shun

Sentence: He used the powerful method of intrinsication to fill his head with every single piece of data on the use of and warranty information of pencils, short of watching some sort of documentary or special on pencils and such related products.

Etymology: The word intrinsic, meaning "of it's nature" with the suffix -tion.


- Manhattan, 2006-12-23: 16:23:00


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Created by: bailandi

Pronunciation: hi-pur-in-foe-dok-u-men-tie-tis

Sentence: One of my grandfather's sypmtom of hyperinfodocumentitus was a drawer full of manuals to antiquated equipment kept by his bedside.

Etymology: Hyper - prefix, beyond, over, above; usually implying excess or exaggeration. "info and documen" signify dealing with information and documents, -itis meaning inflammation, making this sound like a medicial condition.

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Created by: wyzowl

Pronunciation: read orexia

Sentence: My readorexia has left me pooped from reading the DIRECTIONS.

Etymology: Akin to anorexia.

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Created by: duriano

Pronunciation: man-se-sif-ti-zem

Sentence: His mansessivetism drives me crazy everytime I ask him about the washing machine.

Etymology: manual + obsesssive

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Created by: hugeredbear

Pronunciation: dok-u-ment-ard-a-shun

Sentence: A simple oversight by IKEA (an extra bag of bolts,) and Bob never fully recovered from the documentardation.

Etymology: documentation + retardation

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Created by: Arcysparky

Pronunciation: Com-per-ooze-al-shun

Sentence: As a result of his comperusaltion, James often spent days reading before he even broke the seal on his bottle of cola.

Etymology: Perusal - the action of reading or examining something, Compulsion - an irrisistable urge to behave in a certain way.

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