Verboticism: Fauxpause

'Don't just stare at her, say

DEFINITION: To be so afraid of failure that you become paralyzed -- unable to move, respond or even say a word.

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Created by: adbern

Pronunciation: with-bather

Sentence: its seems to me , he's withbatter

Etymology: WITHout BATTerys


ha! ha! - wordmeister, 2007-02-08: 15:11:00


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Created by: Osomatic

Pronunciation: freeze + tried

Sentence: I was going to attempt the high jump, but I got so scared that I freezetried.

Etymology: Like freeze-dried, but with "tried."

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: fo-pawz

Sentence: During the job interview, when Bob was asked his name, he suddenly became striken with a severe case of fauxpause, and was only able to produce an unintelligible high-pitched squeak.

Etymology: faux pas, pause

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Created by: Madamemojo




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Created by: porsche

Pronunciation: north/pole/axd

Sentence: The thought of rejection completely northpoleaxed him leaving him frozen in place like frozen tag.

Etymology: north pole + poleaxed

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Created by: Ecke21

Pronunciation: AngSt La den

Sentence: He was so angstladen that all he could do was stare at her.


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Created by: jedijawa

Pronunciation: goof-co-ma

Sentence: Brad went into a goofcoma whenever he saw Brandy enter the room.

Etymology: goof + coma


funny! - wordmeister, 2007-02-27: 10:00:00


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Created by: Javeson1

Pronunciation: deer-hed-lie-ted

Sentence: many people become dearheadlighted when they see a beautiful and/or famous person they want to talk to and therefore cannot fulfill this goal.

Etymology: Everybody knows the deer-in-the-headlights look which comes from deer being locked into staring at the headlights of an approaching car which disables them from running away from said object.

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /'risk-frEz/

Sentence: She was so timid that even at Baskin Robbins, the possibility of picking a flavor she might not enjoy would cause her to riskfreeze.

Etymology: From risk + freeze

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: stat-chew-ov-lim-it-ay-shuns

Sentence: he'd studied hard and he knew his stuff, but as soon as he got into the exam he became a statueoflimitations

Etymology: statue, statute of limitations


Quite clever! - purpleartichokes, 2007-02-08: 08:06:00


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