Verboticism: Flegate

'Mommy, is Daddy playing dead again?'

DEFINITION: v. To be physically overcome by a sudden illness, disability, or even death when asked to participate in unrewarding activities -- like work, or household chores. n. A person who gets sick when asked to work.

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Created by: Jonno


Sentence: Being of a slothful disposition, Jed was prone to slackout during Spring cleaning.

Etymology: A blackout suffered by the slack.

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Created by: IHeartKiwiTarts

Pronunciation: " Slaw-tho-frenia"

Sentence: A victim of slothophrenia, when introduced to any type of household chore, may exhibit signs of extreme anxiety, mental distress and or death.

Etymology: from the greek Slothocus dethacus

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: ma ling er ist

Sentence: Freddie reapplied the same acting skills as a malingerist to his wife that he had to his mother. Each chore that needed avoiding brought on different symptoms: The Vaccuuming Vapours,Dishes Disorder, Housework Handicap, Infant Care Infirmity; Shopping Sickness, Laundry Lameness and WashDay Wanness. The only known cures were a few words in his ear and a boot up his backside.

Etymology: Malinger (to avoid responsibilities and duties, e.g., by pretending to be ill)& -ist (suffix for: practicing a particular skill or profession or following a particular belief or school of idealist)

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Created by: ashelbane




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Created by: ckknh

Pronunciation: Chore Fee' ver

Sentence: Every time I ask my daughter to clean her room, she is immobilized by chorefever and doesn't recover until the next day.


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Created by: mloewnau2




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Created by: dsingleton

Pronunciation: Fake-e-die-or-ill-a-phelia

Sentence: Can't come into work today, I've got "Fakidieorillaphelia"


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Created by: lauramy

Pronunciation: sahy-koh-suh-muh-void-ns

Sentence: Every time he has to clean his room he gets a case of phychosomavoidance.

Etymology: psycho -- of the mind soma -- of the body avoidance -- the act of delaying

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: work/o/lep/sy (long o sound in second syllable)

Sentence: When things need to be done you can count on his workolepsy disorder to kick in.

Etymology: work + narcolepsy

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Created by: sodium

Pronunciation: wash-e-8

Sentence: Just the thought of having to do all that laundry washeated me, and I spent the next 2 hours worshipping the porcelain deity.

Etymology: from nauseate and wash

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