Verboticism: Theartofbullshit

'Mommy, is Daddy playing dead again?'

DEFINITION: v. To be physically overcome by a sudden illness, disability, or even death when asked to participate in unrewarding activities -- like work, or household chores. n. A person who gets sick when asked to work.

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Created by: Guthlaf1

Pronunciation: EM-plo-CHON-dree-ak

Sentence: Robert had a recurring problem - his emplochondriac tendencies surfaced every summer.

Etymology: emplo - from Latin 'implicari', to be involved chondria - from ancient Sumerian, to be conning yourself

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Created by: ipswich78

Pronunciation: As it sounds

Sentence: He's just shwirking again...

Etymology: Combination of Shirk and work.


Hey Ipswich78: Good word! I'm voting for it! - wordmeister, 2006-12-13: 13:38:00


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Created by: DarthWader

Pronunciation: task fix ee 8

Sentence: Daddy was taskphyxiated by the piling snow in the driveway.

Etymology: task (work, business, havings-to-do) + asphyxiate (to kill by depriving of air)

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Created by: artbegotti

Pronunciation: broo-mOH'sis

Sentence: The last time my wife asked me to vacuum the carpets, I felt a wave of broomosis come over my body. Three hours later, I woke up underneath the couch.


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Created by: oxhead

Pronunciation: I think the two words, mortify and fugacious, flow well into each other

Sentence: He's suffering a bout of mortifugaciousness.

Etymology: Latin...mors, mort: death fugax > fugacious: temporary

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Created by: thewbert


Sentence: After our driveway was buried in 6 feet of snow, I was suddenly overcome with a bad case of slackochondria.


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Created by: chofu67



Etymology: From the German - "Arbeit", meaning work.

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Created by: paperpieces

Pronunciation: Fal-stuh-born-nay-zee

Sentence: I don't know if I can go out tonight, I have a lot of work to do, I could falstubbornaze and sneak out?

Etymology: Fal- meaning false, stubborn meaning selfish, -azy from lazy.

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Created by: gabngar

Pronunciation: Lay-bore-con-dree-uh

Sentence: Charley's laborcondria kicked in whenever he had to do his chores.

Etymology: Labor (work) + -condria (hypocondria)

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Created by: jsky20

Pronunciation: 'chor kO-m&

Sentence: ...

Etymology: ...

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