Verboticism: Nylonerism

'Going where no man has gone before.'

DEFINITION: n. A pop culture entertainment property, which has transcended itself and become a de facto religion with legions of devotees, prescribed rituals and sacred texts. v. To follow a pop culture icon with unquestioning devotion.

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Created by: scrabbelicious

Pronunciation: Ni/lone/er/ism

Sentence: It was loners night and Guy was donning his cleanest nylons. "Nylonerism sure does save a lot of time in the launderette." he thought. Now, where'd I leave my bobble.

Etymology: A polycotton blend of 1. Nylon, synthetic material invented in cities on both sides of the Atlantic. 2. Loner, a guy named Jonny who has no mates, one who spends a lot of time alone, perhaps watching obscure TV shows. 3. ism. A suffix familar to various modern movements.

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Comments: Nylonerism

pungineer - 2008-08-12: 13:56:00
Are you a Nietzchean Nylonilist?

scrabbelicious - 2008-08-12: 14:09:00
Nine out of ten Nyloners say NanoNano

scrabbelicious - 2008-08-12: 14:16:00
Nine out of ten Nyloners say NanoNano

metrohumanx - 2008-08-12: 14:39:00
nylon pylon xylon

scrabbelicious - 2008-08-12: 15:08:00
I came, I saw, I spun yarn.