Verboticism: Ahhhshoot

'Aah, aahh, AAAHHH! ohhnnn...'

DEFINITION: n. An incomplete sneeze; starts with a nose tickle, followed by a sharp intake of breath, but then it vanishes, leaving only a vague sense of incompletion. v. To start a sneeze, but never actually finish it.

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Created by: Nuwanda

Pronunciation: ah-shoot

Sentence: Melody was deep in conversation with Cliff when she saw his expression change. Nose crinkling up. Brows furrowed. Upper lip in a sneer. When Cliff began the rapid intake of breath, Melody braced herself for a killer sneeze, all the while wondering why he didn't have the decency to bury his shnoz in his elbow. After the most protracted build-up she could remember, Cliff threw his head back and....and...and...nothing. With a big "ahhshoot" Cliff returned to a conversation that Melody had long since checked out of.

Etymology: Achoo modified to include "shoot" as in expressing frustration.

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Comments: Ahhhshoot

Nosila - 2009-10-29: 18:01:00
good one