The create-a-word game


As might be expected, you will run into a lot peculiar jargon playing Verbotomy. Here is short glossary of some of terms you will find. And not surprisingly, a lot of them start with "V".

Metaphone: n., A phonetic coding algorithm used to code English words phonetically by reducing them to 16 consonant sounds. Used in the game of Verbotomy to make phonetic comparisons between the verboticism created by the players. It two words match based on the Metaphone algorithm, they are considered to be exact Phonetic Matches for the purposes of the game.

Verbelp: n., The help and or support documents created for the game of Verbotomy.

Verberate: v.t., To rate, by voting for or against, verboticisms and organize them into verbogroups in order to maximize points.

Verbin: v.i., To log yourself into the game.

Verblossary: n., A list of the words and jargon used in the game Verbotomy (i.e., this list!).

Verboogle: n., A measure of uniqueness based on the number of pages returned when a search request for a particular word is submitted to Google.

Verborite: n., To chose your favorite Verbotomy.

Verboticism: n., An invented word created to fit the given definition. Must be all letters (a-z), all-one-word, with no spaces, dashes, numbers, or special characters. Ideally does not match any existing dictionary-words, but now always. The best Verboticisms are pronounceable, and hint at the meaning.

Verbotometrics: n., The analayis provided for every word submitted to Verbotomy game. Specifically it provides data and analayis on the following six factors:
1) Does the word already exist in the standard English dictionary.
2) Is it spelled on in a pattern (of vowels and consonants) that would make sense to average reader.
3) Is the word unique within the the group of verboticisms submitted for this particular definition.
4) Checks the word's verboogle rating for uniqueness.
5) Provides a metaphonic transcription and link to sound lab where the players can hear the word pronounced.
6) It prompts the player to consider the meaning the of word and think about how other people will respond to it.
Of course players always make the final decision, and can submit any word which meets the minimum verboticism requirements: all letters, with no spaces or any other characters, between 2 and 30 letters long.

Verbotomist: n., A person who plays the game of Verbotomy.

Verbotomize: v.t. To play the game of Verbotomy, in particular to to create, edit, or vote for the verboticism created during gameplay.

Verbotomy: n., The create-a-word game where players are challenged to create new words — verboticisms — to fit a given definition.

Verbout: v.i., To log yourself out of the game.

'Please listen carefully as our menu has recently changed...'

DEFINITION: v. To call a phone "help line" and spend 45 minutes pushing buttons and screaming at dumb voice-recognition system, before being automatically disconnected. n. A push-button or voice-activated phone menu system designed to irritate those who use it.

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