The create-a-word game

'I have to sharpen it?'

DEFINITION: An often debilitating condition characterized by compulsive, repetitive and obsessive reading of product documentation and warranties.

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Verbotomy tips

Here are some hints to help you play the game

Tips for creating game-winning verboticisms

Must be one word:
Your verboticism must be all letters (a-z), all-one-word, with no spaces, dashes, numbers, or special characters. It must also be from 2 to 30 characters long.

New and Different:
Ideally your word will not match any existing dictionary-words, but this is not an absolute requirement. Sometimes and obscure word, or common word used in a new way may be the best solution.

The best verboticisms are pronounceable, and spelled in such a way that your readers guess how they should be pronounced.

If people can guess the meaning by reading, or saying the word aloud, that's great. If it can give people an "Aha!" moment, when they suddenly recogise it's meaning, all the better.

Clever and Funny
This is a divertissement, so clever and funny is always appreicated, and will usually result in more votes.

Creative Hints

Try these techiniques to turn on your creative energy.

1. Mash two words together:
Take two words suggested by the definition, and squish them together. But don't just butt them ene-to-end, try mixing them around, shifting sylables and letters, to see what you get.

2. Sounds:
Think of the sounds associated with definition and try integrate the sound into the invented word.

3. Metaphors:
Think of a metaphor that fits the definition. Then apply the metaphor to a word suggested by the definition.

3. Specificity:
Focus on specific details within the definition that interest you and use them as launching pad to create a new word.

4. Word Length:
Don't forget to play with word length. Sometimes a short word is good, and sometimes a longer word is better.

Verbotomy FAQ

1. Where's the FAQ?:
This is it! If you have a question or a problem, please email us at We will be pleased to respond to any questions or suggestions.