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'Look at these lovely lunches. I'm tempted to steal one...'

DEFINITION: v., To swap your lousy lunch for a way tastier one found in the shared office fridge. n., A lunch which is borrowed from a coworker and will not be returned until after it has been consumed.

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Created by: bzav1

Pronunciation: frawed - you - lunch

Sentence: After performing a soupendectomy on Mary's lunch bag and pulling the old swindlewich on Bill, leaving a ham on white for his ploughman, Jim had put together quite a fraudulunch.

Etymology: fraudulunch = blend of fraudulent and lunch, soupendectomy = to successfully remove soup from the lunch bag of another, swindlewich = secretly trading your sandwich for one of better quality.


Nice words - pungineer, 2007-11-06: 06:09:00


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Created by: rexcausey

Pronunciation: lē'ən-kwi-zeen

Sentence: After indulging in some liencuisine, Jack was payed back ten fold as he spent the rest of his afternoon bowing before the "porcelain throne". (I guess you better be careful whose food you "borrow"!)

Etymology: Liencuisine is a noun derived from the words 1.) lien(in reference to: a claim or charge held by one party, on property owned by a second party)and 2.)cuisine(in reference to: FOOD)


We all need a friend that we can lien on...good word - Nosila, 2008-10-02: 22:23:00


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Created by: mvsmyth




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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: stock/ed/ex/change

Sentence: When Joe didn't have enough time to make a good lunch, he just visited the full staff fridge and performed a stockedexchange.


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Created by: milorush

Pronunciation: (adj.)snāg'wŏŏd' - Snagwood sandwich

Sentence: Galen usually indulges in a Snagwood sandwich when he forgets to bring his lunch.

Etymology: snag + [Dag]wood = (a thick sandwich filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, dressings, and condiments)

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Created by: pungineer

Pronunciation: but/he/swipe

Sentence: Norman was an unashamed buttyswiper, it was common knowledge that if your lovingly prepared homemade deluxe sandwich had vanished from the communal fridge and a limp grey one was left in its place, you were the victim of a buttyswiping and the trail of crumbs and hollandaise sauce would lead straight to Norman's store cupboard.

Etymology: butty (as in chip butty, a northern English delicacy - a carbohydrate sandwich) + swipe (to steal,pinch, nick, thieve, rob etc)


petaj eeuuw - i first read that as bottywipe - petaj, 2007-11-06: 01:39:00

mmm shit sandwiches... - pungineer, 2007-11-06: 05:50:00


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Created by: thegoatisbad

Pronunciation: slop-swap

Sentence: Kimberly took one look at Zinnia's leftovers from Cafe La Ritz and decided to pull a slopswap.

Etymology: Slop (mushy, tasteless food) + swap (exchange)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: ham burg er lar ee

Sentence: His m.o. - he came in very early to the office each day to ketchup on his paperwork. That way, he could take an earlier lunch break than the others. In reality it gave him an opportunity to raid the office fridge and take the nicest lunch for himself. He relished this form of hamburgerlary, for one of his coworkers always brought a tasty home-made hamburger to be zapped each day for lunch. You mustard admit, it was a clever plan, until he was caught with his hands on someone else's buns. He was now in a real pickle, because his boss was cheesed off...

Etymology: Hamburger (a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun) & Burglary (to steal;theft)

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Created by: ahniwa

Pronunciation: Pill * frihj * ehr * ay * shun

Sentence: Wally was sick of the tuna sandwiches his mom kept packing in his lunch, so when no one was looking (and no one does look when you take your lunch at 10am, and 11am, and 3pm), he snuck into the staff lounge to practice a little pilferidgeration.

Etymology: Pilfer (as in steal) + (re)fridgeration.

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: ran-snack

Sentence: I am Sam. Sam I am. Did you know I ransnack ham? I can ransnack Derrick's ham. I can ransnack Carol's jam. I can ransnack Dottie's bread and I can ransnack eggs from Ted. I would ransnack from a jar and I would ransnack from a car. I can ransnack on a house and I can ransnack with a mouse. I can ransnack in a box and I can ransnack with a fox. I can ransnack here or there. I can ransnack anywhere. Every day from here to there, funny things are everywhere.

Etymology: ransack: to pillage, plunder or loot + snack


mrskellyscl Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Today is Read Across America day in his honor. If you get a chance, read with a kid today. - mrskellyscl, 2010-03-02: 05:33:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-11-05: 02:55:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram! ~ James'

OZZIEBOB - 2007-11-05: 06:09:00
Good definition,REMI! During 40+ years of work, I found it to be a regular occurrence- probably happening somewhere right now!

mplsbohemian - 2007-11-05: 10:07:00
This has produced a great batch of words so far!

remistram - 2007-11-05: 10:47:00
It happens to all of us at least once during our working life!

purpleartichokes - 2007-11-05: 11:00:00
Happened with dip I brought in. Caught him in the act. Wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't double-dipping. And didn't have really poor oral hygiene. And I wasn't sure that it was his first offense and I had actually eaten the dip after him at some point. Yuck!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-03-02: 00:03:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram. ~ James