Verboticism: Lethlargicat

'I thought love was a two-way street'

DEFINITION: n. A lovable yet stupid pet. v. To be dumb, fat, lazy, arrogant, and totally, completely, irresistibly cute.

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Created by: Biscotti

Pronunciation: le-th-laar-ji-kaat

Sentence: Angie's cat Milo was such a leglargicat. Always meowing for more food, she was so good at getting what she wanted with that cute little purr.

Etymology: Lethargy (laziness) + large (fat) + cat (common household pet)

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Comments: Lethlargicat

splendiction - 2009-04-23: 21:26:00
Clever word!

abrakadeborah - 2009-04-24: 06:53:00
Biscotti, I really enjoy your clever creativeness :)