Verboticism: Ruckusteering

'If you touch my side, I'm telling mommy!'

DEFINITION: v. To fight with your neighbors, not because of your differences, and not because of what you have in common, but simply because you are stuck right next to each other. n. A border between neighbors and enemies.

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Pronunciation: ruk-us-teer-ing

Sentence: The Smiths and the Joneses were next door neighbors and were skilled at ruckusteering. Young Pauly Smith dreamt of an NBA career and spent many hours bouncing his basketball on the cement driveway. He also practised his clarinet rather poorly, late into the evenings. Old Graham Jones liked to start up the leaf blower early on a Sunday morning, and he often used his vast array of power tools until well past midnight. It was hard to focus on anything with such a constant din.

Etymology: 1.ruckus - a violent disagreement. 2. racketeering - engaging in a racket.

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Comments: Ruckusteering

silveryaspen - 2009-02-05: 13:17:00
Fresh aspect, sentence and verbotomy speak volumes! Good word for those loud car stereos, too!