Verboticism: Jollitipple

'Apparently, Santa has been into the festive spirits all day long.'

DEFINITION: v., To prepare for holiday events where you must chat with irritating co-workers or nagging relatives, by consuming just enough alcohol to make you feel "relaxed". n., A person who arrives at a party pre-inebriated.

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: JOL-ee-Tip-uhl

Sentence: After a couple of "steadiers" Bob, a hoptimist with a 'corona' of confidence, descended upon his workplace's Christmas party like a festilence, and jollitippled fellow-workers who normally 'drove him to drink".

Etymology: JOLLY: Slang. slightly drunk; tipsy 2.Informal. to talk or act agreeably to (a person) in order to keep that person in good humor, esp. in the hope of gaining something. "They jollied him along until the job was done." 3.To cause to be jolly; to make good-natured; to encourage to feel pleasant or cheerful; -- often implying an insincere or bantering spirit; hence, to poke fun at. [Colloq.] TIPPLE:to drink (intoxicating liquor), esp. repeatedly, in small quantities.

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