Verboticism: Obsessiwaiter

'Hurry up we need to get in line!'

DEFINITION: v. To hurry up and wait. n. A person who compels you to prepare quickly for an activity which they know will be delayed, postponed or retarded.

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Created by: pieceof314

Pronunciation: ob sess ih wayt er

Sentence: Harrold was an obsessiwaiter of unbelieveable magnitude. If the airlines said to be there 2 hours ahead of time, he had to be there 4 hours ahead. If he had to be at work by 8:00 am, he'd get there at 5. This put a strain his co-workers who were in his carpool and travel work's traveling group.

Etymology: obsessive + wait (er)

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Comments: Obsessiwaiter

Tigger - 2008-04-22: 23:25:00
This word could also fit for those waiters/waitresses who want to take your order before you've had a chance to even open the menu, and then come back every 20 seconds to check and see if you're ready to order yet.