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'Why were you looking at that girl?'

DEFINITION: A person who wants to monopolize all of someone's love and tries to prevent them from sharing it with others.

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: dom/i/mate/or

Sentence: Because of her insecurities, when she is in a relationship she needs to be a domimator. She domimates to the point of totally controlling and smothering her boyfriend.

Etymology: dominate + mate


Wow ... what a word! Kind of kinky ... in more ways than one. - silveryaspen, 2008-01-04: 12:09:00

Very good! - OZZIEBOB, 2008-01-06: 03:22:00


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Created by: gemmgemms

Pronunciation: luv-haw-ka

Sentence: She is such a lovehawk, yesterday I was talking to her boyfriend and she swooped in and started confronting him!

Etymology: love:as in the love of another+hawk:a predator bird:as in she guarded him like a hawk


can't get over it.. i think i'm gonna say lovehawk instead of anything else hehe - legion, 2008-01-05: 17:10:00

Right on! - silveryaspen, 2008-01-11: 14:19:00


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Created by: legion

Pronunciation: (do-mi-jealous

Sentence: i cant believe you just said that in front of her, I was only admiring her DOMIJEALOUS can ya be? (rhetorical)

Etymology: a blend of dominate and jealous. It immediately came to mind when i looked at the picture provided

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Created by: bluenutria

Pronunciation: SLUV-fish

Sentence: "Stop being so slovefish; I was only asking her for directions!"

Etymology: Selfish + love

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Created by: silveryaspen

Pronunciation: glom-ah-dom-ah-nay-trix

Sentence: They were a perfect match, both of them were glomadomamatrixes, who lived hellishly in heavenly bliss with each other.

Etymology: Apologies to the two players who came up with glomimatrix and domimator ... I just built on those so that it combined the masculine and femenine qualities of both! My thanks to both of you word geniuses for being my inspiration for this definition!

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Created by: becksadoodles

Pronunciation: ma-NOP-o-luv-er

Sentence: Woman: What are you looking at, Bob? Man: Ugh! Stop being such a monopolover, Jane.

Etymology: Monopoly+Lover.

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Created by: Dougalistic

Pronunciation: Bun-nee-boil-er-is-mm

Sentence: "She just pushed him away and couldn't trust him at all for no reason. She was so jealous and controlling. She deffo had a bad case of bunnyboilerism."

Etymology: Clingy and possesive, unhinged overbearing psycho bitch of a girlfriend or boyfriend. (think fatal attraction)

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Created by: mommymug72

Pronunciation: need-leech

Sentence: My Wife is such a needleach I have to walk around with a cane and my eyes closed to keep her from thinking I am having an affair.


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Created by: TheUrbanRabbit

Pronunciation: Steel-luv-ing

Sentence: Tanya's been stealoving Jay since they started dating last week, poor guy.

Etymology: Steal + Loving (stealin' the love!)

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Created by: bigbigjeff

Pronunciation: Con-cue-mine

Sentence: My girlfriend is a total concumine, every time i try to go to my mothers house she asks why I'm leaving her to see "that woman".

Etymology: From Concubine meaning one who sleeps with a man out of wedlock, and mine meaning possessive.


libertybelle outstanding word! - libertybelle, 2008-01-04: 12:54:00

brilliant word - direwookiee, 2008-01-04: 17:32:00

Great word! - OZZIEBOB, 2008-01-06: 03:21:00


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legion - 2008-01-05: 16:56:00
hehe i love this word....very coool

legion - 2008-01-05: 17:11:00
LOVEHAWK WOW....coooool

legion - 2008-01-05: 17:47:00
hey got a word yet....hehehehehe legion

LinDDuCiite LinDDuCiite - 2008-01-06: 05:33:00