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'I know what you were thinking when you got me this!'

DEFINITION: n. A special type of gift, usually exchanged between partners, paramours and other mutual admirers, which is used to signal a desire for physical intimacy.

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Created by: iwasatripwire

Pronunciation: prez-en-tu-al


Etymology: present + sensual

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Created by: paintergrl1313


Sentence: Those sexy panties make a good sexwrap.

Etymology: like giftwrap, but with sex.

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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: trift

Sentence: Thankyou for the tryft. I'll meet you at the usual place!

Etymology: tryst (assignation esp. for love affair) + gift (present)


petaj It would be perfect if only I could see it in a font with those old-fashioned effs that look like esses. - petaj, 2007-02-14: 04:03:00

you're right petaj - very subtle and very clever - Jabberwocky, 2007-02-14: 09:38:00


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Created by: mickey666

Pronunciation: cock-tale

Sentence: As he handed her the cocktale, she knew exactly what he had in mind.

Etymology: use your imagination.

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Created by: NohWoman

Pronunciation: say it fast... bootybooty

Sentence: On their special day, John gave Dan a pair of hotpants. Now that's some bootybooty!

Etymology: "Booty" alone would work, too. Booty: ass, action, sexual activity or the body parts involved Booty: loot, treasure

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: trin/ket/too/ride

Sentence: He's got a trinkettoride - he's got a trinkettoride - he's got a trinkettoride and he don't care ...what any one else got

Etymology: trinket + ticket to ride


I was looking for a word to describe those wilted flowers. Thanks! - purpleartichokes, 2007-02-14: 18:28:00


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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: br east ow all

Sentence: Janice knew that Mike would love her breastowal, it was a guaranteed hit giving him a geek toy.

Etymology: from breast, as in heart felt and from the breast and bestowal.

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Created by: ekath

Pronunciation: sen-sue-offer

Sentence: Thats a very nice sensuoffer he gave you. I hope you have an enjoyable evening.

Etymology: from sensual + offer

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: kiss-kring-gul

Sentence: slowly she turned to look at him with a come-hither grin and a saucy was then that he knew he'd done well with his kisskringle

Etymology: kris kringle [x-mas gift swapping], kiss

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Created by: havegate

Pronunciation: nymph favor



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