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'You made that without using a real turkey?'

DEFINITION: v., To leave out an important ingredient when you are sharing a favorite recipe so that no one else can make it taste as good as yours. n., A recipe that is missing one or more key ingredients.

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Created by: kabloozie

Pronunciation: RES i peez

Sentence: Every time I make that apricot pie, my neighbor bugs me for how it's done - I finally caved, but in the recippease I gave her, I left out the cardamon and lemon zest, which is what really makes it special.

Etymology: recipe + appease


Damn it, now you all know!!! - kabloozie, 2007-11-22: 00:54:00

Ha! And all this time I've been adding cardoon. - purpleartichokes, 2007-11-22: 06:44:00


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Created by: abrakadeborah

Pronunciation: Sue-doe-in-gree-dee-int

Sentence: Sander's recipes dated back to Tudor times, this bird had been dwarfed by a behemoth containing no fewer than 48 birds of 12 different species with 20 different spices and one pseudoingredient he would never dilvulge to anyone that asked for the recipe.

Etymology: Pseudo;(from Greek ψευδής "lying, false") is used to mark something as false, fraudulent, or pretending to be something it is not: Ingredient; An ingredient is a substance that forms part of a mixture (in a general sense). For example, in cooking, recipes specify which ingredients are used to prepare a specific dish.

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: chik/en/an/ury

Sentence: A devious friend played some serious chickenanery when she gave me a foolproof recipe for chicken divan. It turned out to be just divan.

Etymology: chicanery (deception) + chicken


Very good! Wish I'd thought of it first. - Mustang, 2007-11-22: 07:40:00

Tremendous! - OZZIEBOB, 2007-11-22: 16:09:00


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Created by: silveryaspen

Pronunciation: Miss -ee - Mess - uh - pees

Sentence: The young maid decided to make a magic brew, a love potion number two ... to use on you! From the oysterman she took a single oyster crab, because her magic book of recipes, called for just a dab. After letting it set in chocolate sauce overknight, by morning, it was ready ... just seemed so right! But she forgot the incantation that it required, also. Without the chant ... unenchanted ... his love would never grow! So he remained maidless ... due to her missing word link! Those missedoutrecipes, are not worth a zip to drink. "Nun for me!" ... we say to those Missymessypees!

Etymology: (1) Missy - for the missing part. Messy - to describe what it makes. Pees for the last sillybull (pun intended) of recipes! (2) Miss is synonmous with maid as well ... and missy, is what men do when the maid is gone ... and messy they become, when the maid is gone! (3) Too many double (maybe triple) meanings in lots of this ... so feel free to write your own etymologies for those you see!


charming - Jabberwocky, 2008-11-26: 11:25:00

Love the poetic license! - Nosila, 2008-11-26: 20:42:00

Ha! Great one! - lumina, 2008-11-27: 01:59:00


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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: men eye owe you

Sentence: Due to his forgetfulness, the menu became a meniou, his duck a l'orange became duck a l'oh oh.

Etymology: menu IOU

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: SAB-uh-TIR-ah-M'-soo

Sentence: Roxie planned to impress Bob's new boss by cooking for him a meal fit for a god. But the evening quickly turned into a noshmare, when Roxie, following the recipe given to her by her best friend, added spam rather than ham to the dish. The anticipated ambrosia became in a minute a shambrosia, but worse was yet to come when she added freshly made toffee rather than strongly brewed coffee to the italian dessert, leaving Roxie to wonder whether she had been the victim of sabotiramisu or simply a case of her own shortsighted "cordon blur".

Etymology: SABOTIRAMISU: Blend of SABOTAGE: any undermining of a cause. & TIRAMISU : The name Tiramisu is Italian and means "pull-me-up" (Tirami su), a reference to the effects of the sugar and espresso, and can be translated figuratively as "pick-me-up" or in this case: "put-me-down". ShAMBROSIA n. blend of sham: trick, hoax, fraud & ambrosia: used of various foods for mortals since 1685. Cognate: shambrosiate vb.


petaj Love the sentence - petaj, 2008-11-26: 02:39:00

All so good ... but cordon blur ... is my favorite for today! (wink/grin) - silveryaspen, 2008-11-26: 03:28:00

wonderful - Jabberwocky, 2008-11-26: 11:22:00

metrohumanx Hahaha...NOSHMARE!....I initially thought the key was "sabot"...(a thrust-transmitting carrier that positions a missile in a gun barrel or launching tube and that prevents the escape of gas ahead of the missile) Eiter way, it's a great word, O-Bob. - metrohumanx, 2008-11-26: 14:24:00


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Created by: xirtam

Pronunciation: in-gree-dee-nyet

Sentence: I tried making the Chili following the directions Bob gave to me. It wasn't the same, it was missing something. What was that last ingredinyet that he "forgot"?

Etymology: Ingredient: Latin ingrediēns - something that enters as an element into a mixture. + Nyet: Russian – No.

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Created by: karenanne

Pronunciation: POT lak

Sentence: Everyone was asked to bring a personal dish to the reunion picnic. There was a large variety of delicious treats, and almost everyone was asked by at least one person for his/her recipe. People seemed to be giving out their recipes in a willing and friendly manner. For the following year's reunion, many people tried to reproduce the yummy items. But it ended up being a mediocre potlack because almost everyone had left out at least one ingredient in his/her "special" dish so it could never be made as well by anyone else.

Etymology: potluck + lack


tasty - Nosila, 2009-12-16: 01:10:00


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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: bluff - a - no - wings

Sentence: Marcy was ecstatic. She had finally talked John into giving her his secret recipe for Buffalo wings. It had taken months of wrangling and cajoling but, here it was...neatly written on a 3x5 index card. John made the best Buffalo Wings she had ever had. They were just the right amount of zip, crunch, meat and bones. Every morsel was a bite to be savored. What she was not aware of was that she really had his receipe for Bluffanowings. As she read through the recipe, and imagined herself making them for the first time, she wondered to herself "how does he make them look like wings?"

Etymology: The word Bluff (to mislead or deceive) is combined with Buffalo (as in Buffalo Wings) to start the word. After Bluff, the last part of Buffalo is replaced with ano which is a combination of the word And and No. Finally, the last part of BuffaloWings is added with "Wings". The whole thing is just a play on the popular appetizer....but with no Wings.


very good - Jabberwocky, 2008-11-26: 11:18:00

metrohumanx That sentence literally made my mouth water. Thanks, mysterious Mweinmann. - metrohumanx, 2008-11-26: 14:12:00

petaj Will have to settle for a bouffle (souffle) instead. - petaj, 2008-11-26: 19:28:00


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Created by: emdeejay

Pronunciation: Form Oh Targe

Sentence: Rupert could not face the possibility that Mary would produce a superior tasting curry, so he engaged in formotage and neglected to mention the need to use fresh Galangal

Etymology: From 'formula' and 'sabotage'.


petaj I thought it was going to be a cheese recipe - fromage! - petaj, 2008-11-26: 19:26:00


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Today's definition was suggested by kabloozie. Thank you kabloozie! ~ James

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Today's definition was suggested by kabloozie. Thank you kabloozie. ~ James