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'But I don't know how to take out the garbage!'

DEFINITION: n. A specialized inability, or area of "chosen incompetency", based on an individual's need to avoid certain unpleasant tasks. v. To avoid responsibility by claiming incompetence.

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Created by: ajcor

Pronunciation: jobdodge

Sentence: It's the "who me?" plus that truly intimidating word "work" co-located in the same sentence that brings about such a horrified response. "You really want me to do this?" "surely not ME?"

Etymology: Job & Dodge

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Created by: Loreshai

Pronunciation: Im-mat-your-ish

Sentence: Jake couldn't handle the news about the higgs boson because he was immateurish.

Etymology: immature - inexperienced due to youth v amateur - non professional.

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Created by: Koekbroer

Pronunciation: chor-punk

Sentence: "Doug claims that if he takes Fido out for a walk he might accidentally lose him. He is such a chorepunk."

Etymology: chore; punk

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Created by: abrakadeborah

Pronunciation: ig-no-lay-z

Sentence: Lou Noeclue, had an igknowlazy attitude that his drove his Mother crazy!

Etymology: Ignorant~resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or awareness. Know~To perceive as familiar; recognize. Lazy~not inclined to work or exertion.


Ignorant~resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or awareness. Know~To perceive as familiar; recognize. Lazy~not inclined to work or exertion. - abrakadeborah, 2011-03-05: 13:45:00

It has been so seems I have forgotten where to place things on here. I'm Sorry about that. I placed my "Etymology" in the comments section. lol! :)) I've kind of missed this site! Keep smiling everybody~ xo - abrakadeborah, 2011-04-08: 02:26:00


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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: job-struck-shun

Sentence: when ever the dishes need doing, i start to suffer from a serious jobstruction

Etymology: job, obstruction


I guess it depends on the shirkumstances... - Discoveria, 2007-03-29: 09:29:00


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Created by: HipHop247

Pronunciation: res-pon-si-bil-i-ty-foe-bee-a

Sentence: He has responsibilityphobia because he cannot (or so he says) clean the cat litter box or mow the lawn.

Etymology: Responsibility/Phobia

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: dum essss tik

Sentence: he was so dumbesthick that he became dumbesthickhated

Etymology: dumb thick domestic

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Created by: stache

Pronunciation: dĭ-lĭb'ər-ĭg'nər-əns

Sentence: Like many teen-agers, Jacob's deliberignorance with respect to chores as common as washing dishes and doing his own laundry was transparent.

Etymology: delibber, slang for an anti-feminist; Berignor, french-gaelic var. on the name 'Berringer;' Rance, Ron Howard's brother.


Yup. As a teen my son was very deliberignorant too. - lumina, 2008-06-18: 12:31:00

like it - Jabberwocky, 2008-06-18: 16:55:00

Deliberia! - Nosila, 2008-06-19: 00:38:00


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: op - shun - ERSH - ya

Sentence: Hector's ruse for avoiding those tasks and duties he hated so much was optionertia, a 'portfolio' of customized phantom disabilities that invariably evoked an outpouring of sympathy and a free pass on doing his share of the dirty jobs.

Etymology: Blend of option or optional and inertia.


Hector needs a helping of outonyouearia if you ask me. - Rutilus, 2008-06-18: 15:23:00


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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: eye doant dooo eye tiss

Sentence: his idontdoitis started with the garbage, but quickly spread to the kitchen and bathroom, and would have gotten more serious if not for the fact that she started showing symptoms which started in the bedroom

Etymology: i dont do mondays/laundromats etc


Best one I've read so far. Lovin' the -itis suffix making it sound like a disease. I suffer something similar- skivitis. 'Tis terrible. - Bulletchewer, 2007-03-29: 11:34:00

funny - but I've run out of points - Jabberwocky, 2007-03-29: 16:08:00

I like it as well. I frequently suffer from idontwantosis. - purpleartichokes, 2007-03-29: 20:12:00


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