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'The toast fell butter-side down.'

DEFINITION: The feeling you get when fate plays a stupid little trick on you, just to remind you that life isn't fair.

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Created by: FreeToys

Pronunciation: murf' - smak

Sentence: Those contributors expecting obedience from the usual candidates are about to get a Murphsmack from Ron Paul

Etymology: Murphy's Law / Smackdown

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Created by: Hyperion

Pronunciation: In-im-ist-a-tion. I'm not very experienced with pronunciation guides, but I hope that helps...

Sentence: She felt utter despair at the inimistation that Destiny has dealt her today.. When would this day end?

Etymology: An amalgamation of the Latin word for unfair and the Greek word for fate, in the a vague sort of way. It is also related to inimical, with station referring to a place in life. The description continues in the Comments section of this Verboticism.


I hope this qualifies... The spelling's a little odd, though... - Hyperion, 2007-09-09: 08:34:00

I've changed the spelling of the word, and refined its meaning. Continuing on the description... Therefore, it means both an unfair fate and a part of life that's bad for you, as well as a feeling of inimicality in relation to the world and frustration with it. Clever, huh? - Hyperion, 2007-09-09: 08:53:00


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Created by: haldean

Pronunciation: sur-PRY-za-POYNT-ment

Sentence: What's wrong? Oh just another surprisapointment. Everything was going perfectly, until my two girlfriends met each other.

Etymology: Suprise + Disappointment

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Created by: apathy42




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Created by: trioptimum

Pronunciation: in-dis-crim-uhn-ISH-uhn

Sentence: Whenever he started to think that maybe his life had some kind of guided purpose, he would always be provided with an indiscrimonition to the contrary.

Etymology: indiscriminate (without selectiveness) + admonition (cautionary advice or warning)

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Created by: RachelPhillipson2007

Pronunciation: Cwapaigwump

Sentence: I fell on my arse the other day and it reminded me life is so shit.

Etymology: Cwapai [feeling crap], Gwump [getting in a grumpy mood, feeling worthless]


that is cool! - RachelPhillipson2007, 2007-09-08: 07:55:00

well its fucking mine lol - RachelPhillipson2007, 2007-09-08: 07:55:00

i no blah - RachelPhillipson2007, 2007-09-08: 07:57:00


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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: karm/os/ity

Sentence: I'm filled with karmosity when I drop a coin and it rolls into the sewer, the bread lands peanut butter side down, or the milk I just bought is sour.

Etymology: karma + animosity

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Created by: Pseudonym

Pronunciation: kiz-me-tawnt

Sentence: "Every light was red; I think I'm the victim of a kismetaunt."

Etymology: kismet (fate) + taunt

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Created by: ConnyWesth

Pronunciation: Murfish

Sentence: Murphys law (everything that can be screwed up, really does) + ish (feeling)



Murphious could also be a good word for this. - ConnyWesth, 2007-09-09: 10:12:00


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Created by: Osomatic

Pronunciation: drag + rav + ay + shun

Sentence: I missed every dang traffic light on the way to work today - it was such a draggravation.

Etymology: drag + aggravation


very good, my favorite, even better than mine! - brankoz, 2007-09-07: 16:41:00

Nice! - Scrumpy, 2007-09-07: 18:24:00


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FreeToys - 2007-09-07: 06:59:00

FreeToys - 2007-09-07: 06:59:00
dang, asleep again

RachelPhillipson2007 - 2007-09-08: 08:00:00
aw im last

Delilah - 2007-09-09: 16:24:00
The only way to truly beat this thing is to switch to cereal for breakfast. lol!