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'But my other sock has a hole in it...'

DEFINITION: v. To have a big fight over nothing, that is really a fight about money. n. An argument about money

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Created by: jrogan

Pronunciation: cash-scrap

Sentence: Ever since they they bought their new dream house, Annie and Bob have been in an endless cashscrap.

Etymology: cash + scrap


Scrappy word. - Nosila, 2009-08-11: 01:32:00

Thanks! - jrogan, 2009-08-11: 07:33:00


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Created by: IanArcher

Pronunciation: LOO'-ker-bik-ker

Sentence: When Nate and Tess tried to remember what they had fighting about, they realized that they had been lucrebickering.


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Created by: bghicks

Pronunciation: currency bashing

Sentence: The bills piled up; no matter what he said, she currencybashed him, due to her stress level from robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Etymology: currency= money bashing = beat up

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Created by: maxxy

Pronunciation: GILT-trip

Sentence: After Jim quit his job, he and Rhonda gilttripped every night over which fast-food place they would eat at.

Etymology: gilt + guilt trip

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Created by: kelamist




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Created by: sleep

Pronunciation: coo-war-en-see

Sentence: I knew that a cuwarrency was erupting when they started yelling over whether to get the cole slaw or the mashed potatoes.

Etymology: war + currency

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Created by: josje

Pronunciation: moneykwarrel

Sentence: al this things are abouth moneyquarrel

Etymology: money and quarrel.

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Created by: grammatically

Pronunciation: mun-eh-MOHN-e-fi-cate

Sentence: There was no need to monemoanificate after Jim lost his paycheck.

Etymology: "mone" from the root MONEY; "moan" from the root MOANING; "ificate" from the root IFICATE MAKES THINGS SOUND FANCY

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Created by: natlanclos

Pronunciation: "cur-ren-cu-ment"

Sentence: This is the most igmorent currencument we've ever had.

Etymology: To have an argument over money (currency).

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: mon-eh-tear-ing

Sentence: When Sue overcooked the lobster, Bob started monetearing into her for ruining the expensive meal.

Etymology: monetary, tearing (into someone)

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