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'I've been working out on this ab machine every day for a week'

DEFINITION: n. The creepy pounds that sneak onto your waist even though you've been exercising and watching what you eat. v. To exercise rigorously, diet fastidiously, and yet still gain weight.

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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: fat - kins

Sentence: Ben came from a long line of Fatkins, and to make it worse, everyone in his family was overweight, despite the fact that they were all active people who participated in sports and watched their calories. They had all tried every fad diet that came around, including Jenny Craig, Atkins, Weight Watchers and even the Grapefruit Diet. He remembers that growing up, his mom had been given to using humor as a way to feel better about things. She even affectionately referred to the rolls on her stomach as her little fatkins. Once Ben even tried to sue Dr. Atkins for taking the family surname and capitalizing on it.....

Etymology: Fat (overweight, having an abundance of flesh + Atkins Diet (A diet in which a person attempts to lose weight by reducing the intake of carbohydrates, instead obtaining energy from dietary and stored fat) + Kin (group of people related by blood or marriage)


So he declared a Fatwah on Dr. Atkins...good word! - Nosila, 2009-01-09: 19:48:00


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Created by: kateinkorea

Pronunciation: fat IC u lus

Sentence: I work out, I try to eat properly and then even after painstaking detailed gym attendance this damn faticulous weight appears.

Etymology: FAT: + RIDICULOUS: not serious, unreasonable METICULOUS: careful attention to detail

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Created by: catgrin

Pronunciation: ant-il-yuh n (sounds like "ant" + "million" -"m")

Sentence: (n) No amount of hours at the gym could stop the antileans from taking oven my waistline. (v) By 35, most women antilean, diet and exercise simply cannot return them to their size fours.

Etymology: A simple compound of "anti" and "lean" using a softer vowel sounds and slightly shifted emphasis to give the sound of tiny hordes attacking.

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Created by: moondragon

Pronunciation: fit-nuh-glitch

Sentence: There must be some kind of fitneglitch in this exercise plan. My daily work out just seems to make my love handles bigger.

Etymology: A combination of fitness (health) + glitch (error).

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Created by: Banky

Pronunciation: stellth-food

Sentence: The scale gave a small muffled electronic scream when Andy brought his full weight to bear. He was just about done with trying to shape up; two weeks of treadmill and proper diet had led to a 5-pound gain. Unfortunately, Andy had been mistaken in his meal-selecting logic, and all of the sensible meals he had recently consumed were in fact stealthfoods. The 8-oz portion of fish the night before, for example, had come from an Eastern Stoned Lardwrasse. After a lazy afternoon on the reef smoking reefer, the fish had consumed a bag of Funyuns, 3 Big Macs, 2 orders of fries, a chocolate shake, and a carton of Haagen Daazs. Leaving his friends laughing in his enormous wake, calling him names like "Marlin Brando", the lardwrasse had groggily stumbled into a waiting net, his certain doom, and another veneer of fat on Andy's barely denim-constrained buttocks.

Etymology: stealth + food; ala healthfood


What a witty twist to come up with an eat-it-self-to-death fish that packs weight on humans! Topped off with a meaning full great pun! Excellent Won! - silveryaspen, 2008-03-19: 10:06:00

Now I know why I almost bought that bag of Bloomin' Onion Crisps at the store tonight. Bastard Banky! (Sorry James!) Nice word! - purpleartichokes, 2008-03-19: 20:55:00


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Created by: arrrteest

Pronunciation: Epee-lip-id-sed-ih-ment

Sentence: Jason's penchant for pounding beers and caffeinated drinks throughout the day belied his half attempted efforts to lose weight. Unfortunately for him, his rationalizations of his EZ-Chair Ab Workout and 12 ounce arm curls were not enough to overcome the epilipidsediment from settling around his belly.

Etymology: Epi (put on) + lipid (fat) + sediment (a play on sedentary, to stay in one place/ mendacious, to lie)


Challenging but good fun in the onomatopoeia in epilipid ... fun word to say! Speaks layers and layers! Great Won! - silveryaspen, 2008-03-19: 10:28:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: rē-inkärbnāshən

Sentence: It wasn't his fault. It was a matter of reincarbnation. The more Phat thought about it the more he believed in regirth. He must have been a sumo in a former life or perhaps a large animal. That would explain the hippobottomus. It was all in his jeans. After another fruitless trip to the gym, he went out and bought another pair of elepants.

Etymology: reincarnation (a person or animal in whom a particular soul is believed to have been reborn) + carb (short for carbohydrate)


Love them elepants. - wayoffcenter, 2009-01-09: 06:34:00

Funny! - kateinkorea, 2009-01-09: 09:53:00

Love it and the deja vu, all over again! - Nosila, 2009-01-09: 19:51:00

Super punsome and funsome! - silveryaspen, 2009-01-09: 20:45:00


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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: kil-err-joolz

Sentence: every time he attempted to lose weight he would be ambushed by killerjoules

Etymology: killer, kilojoules


So true! So Powerful! - silveryaspen, 2008-03-19: 10:11:00


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Created by: yelloweyes

Pronunciation: fe-naw-maw-pro-cure-it-ee

Sentence: Shelly has been gaining weight recently. She said it was because she is experiencing phenomaprocurity, but I do not believe she is actually dieting or exercising.

Etymology: Phenoma - from phenomenon (fact or situation with a questionable/unknown cause) Procurity - from procure (to obtain).

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Created by: c2flores




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