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'Not now dear, Posh has stretch marks'

DEFINITION: v., To be so obsessed with the lives of celebrities that you neglect your own personal affairs, responsibilities and hygiene. n., A person who is infatuated with celebrities.

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Created by: mangos123

Pronunciation: NUR-null

Sentence: The girl wants a nurnelle for her birthday this year.

Etymology: I just randomly said it one time. It means a bunny-cat-elephant-camel like animal. I dont know how to change the definition up there. If you know how, can you leave it in the comment box? Also, I can't find out how to make a new word after I made this one!!! :(

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Created by: ttdlxgreg

Pronunciation: bran-jina

Sentence: Sarah has a severe case of Brangina - I suggest she adopt a baby from Africa.

Etymology: Branjelina + angina

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Created by: dalmero8

Pronunciation: ce/leb/se/ssion

Sentence: Her celebsession with celebreties in rehab is annoying and sometimes creepy!!!

Etymology: celebrity (or celebrated person) + obsession


Glad I read your comment to Tigger before commenting. GMTA ... great minds think alike! So when two of you independently came up with the same verboticism ... it must be doubly good! - silveryaspen, 2008-02-15: 20:57:00

That happens frequently around here, dalmero8. Don't sweat it... Say, wouldn't it be simple to just keep track of the celebrities that aren't in rehab? - Tigger, 2008-02-15: 21:57:00

I like it!! Sounds a lot like my own obsessceleb. - Mustang, 2008-02-15: 22:53:00

Good word! - Stevenson0, 2008-02-16: 15:01:00


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Created by: libertybelle

Pronunciation: sell-ebb-re-tard

Sentence: Realizing that her fish had all died and that she had not eaten properly in a week, Jackie realized that her obsession with following the details of Britney Spears' mental breakdown had caused her to celebretard her own life.

Etymology: celebrity - a celebrated person + retard -a holding back or slowing down.


Excellent etymology ... couldn't have chosen a better descryptive combo ... especially the retard! Great creation! - silveryaspen, 2008-02-15: 10:04:00

libertybelle i didn't want to offend anyone -so i made sure to put the definition as written in Webster's. Though i suppose people don't necessarily get up in arms when they read their kids pj's are flame retardant. - libertybelle, 2008-02-15: 10:35:00

I never gave it a thought libertybelle ... good point. It is never my intention to offend, when words can be perceived in many ways. Yet ... I can't help thinking, if we shunned every word that might be mindtwisted so it can be construed offensive, we might have to become mutants! - silveryaspen, 2008-02-15: 11:10:00

Either that, or we'll have to create verbotocisms like "rockrock" or "boulderstone" - DeltaRho2K, 2008-02-15: 13:41:00

Great creation! It could also apply to the celebrities who do stupid things in public eye to inspire such fascination. - Tigger, 2008-02-15: 23:00:00


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Created by: lindseyhamrick

Pronunciation: Sen-seb

Sentence: Annie has a sencebtion with celebrities. She belives she can be just like them.

Etymology: Sen: Holy Ceb: comes from celebrity

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Created by: XMbIPb

Pronunciation: /as-tral-ob-se-shen/

Sentence: “Just like after the car crash that killed Princess Di, Jenny’s astralobsession almost drove her to suicide after Michael Jackson O.D.’d on propofol.”

Etymology: “astrum” n., – (Lat.), star “obsession” n., - compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or emotion often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety

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Created by: p382c

Pronunciation: ---

Sentence: mommy's been popnotized by the e! channel!

Etymology: pop + hypnotized

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: stardom

Sentence: Stella's daughter Ella wasn't yet accustomed to her mother's new stardumb! Stella fixated on Brit pop stars and occasionally extended a gaze to California celebs - so it was ultimate when Posh spice moved to the west coast state! Unfortunately, Ella revealed signs of the same stardumbness when she admitted a wish for star-rents instead of parents.

Etymology: From: star, dumb. A homophone of "stardom".


perfect word! - Nosila, 2010-05-06: 23:21:00


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Created by: claphappy

Pronunciation: \sə-ˈle-brī-təs\

Sentence: Child Protective Services took away my daughter, because of my celebritis.

Etymology: Late 14c; New Latin

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Created by: Biscotti

Pronunciation: sel-eb-ra-sized

Sentence: She was so celebrecized with the Britney Spears drama, she didn't sleep until Britney got the kids back from K-Fed.

Etymology: I don't know, this one just sort of came to me without thought...

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2008-02-15: 00:01:00
Today's definition was suggested by Tigger. Thank you Tigger. ~ James

Nosila - 2008-02-15: 02:00:00
Tigger, great idea! Did you think of it when you were hanging out with Demi/Ashton/Bruce at Sundance or as a guest at Eddy Murphy's fake wedding or schmoozing with Heidi and Seal at that Versace Fashion thingy?? Do tell, enquiring minds want to know...

Tigger - 2008-02-15: 02:46:00
Oh, the Versace thing! Wasn't that just absolutely fab? All my peeps were there and... Well no, I wasn't actually there, but I uh — I read all about it. I could've gone, but I was still distraught over the Pam Anderson divorce. [Ok, I'm giving myself the creeps now — I hate people who talk like that!]

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-05-05: 00:05:00
Today's definition was suggested by Tigger. Thank you Tigger. ~ James

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