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'Hi Sexy! Oops... Sorry, I thought you were someone else.'

DEFINITION: To recognize and loudly greet a friend only to realize that it is a complete stranger, who now thinks that you are somewhat odd.

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Created by: kakashi13

Pronunciation: Wa fl cra per

Sentence: She's no wafflecrapper but id do her anyway.

Etymology: A person so hot you wouldent care if they came up and tuke a crap on your waffle.

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: GREET-gaff

Sentence: You should have seen the look on Bob's chumystified face, when he realized that the person whom he had greeted so loudly was a complete stranger. This greetgaffe was just the latest in his long list of cobberclangers. Only later on, when he learned that it was his greatest chumistake yet, did he decide that it was time to start compiling a corrifriendum.

Etymology: Greet: to welcome & gaffe: awkward social error, a faux pas.

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Created by: reguser

Pronunciation: strangehoot

Sentence: I was walking down the road, when this guy suddenly strangehooted at me from no where.

Etymology: strange = unknown, weird, unfamiliar hoot = call

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Created by: MrDave2176

Pronunciation: WOOP-si-call

Sentence: When Gary made a whoopsicall to a woman he thought was Margret he felt the cold chill of embarrassment creeping down his neck.

Etymology: Whoops (a commmon exclaimation when making an error) with call (a shout out to my peeps) mixed with Popsicle because you feel that cold feeling of making an error.

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Created by: FreeToys

Pronunciation: greet' - eek

Sentence: Her humiliating greeteek had scarcely passed her lips when she realized it was a Preacher whose ass she was grabbing as she squealed; "You were great last night!"

Etymology: greeting/eek!

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Created by: kundalinikat

Pronunciation: v. MAL-oot n. MAL-yoo-tay-shun

Sentence: Bob's awkward malutation began the blind date on the wrong note.

Etymology: mal (Latin for 'bad') + salute or salutation

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Created by: doctathunder

Pronunciation: GREEP-ster

Sentence: I was having a pleasant conversation with my girlfriend until this greepster yelled out to me from across the street insisting she knew me.

Etymology: Greet + Creeper

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Created by: caffreyc

Pronunciation: wreck-og-ni-tion

Sentence: My wreckognition ability seems to be growing as I get older

Etymology: wreck, recognition

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: aloe/a/chew

Sentence: Alohachoo!! Excuse me, I was just sneezing.

Etymology: aloha + achoo

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Created by: sevenjades

Pronunciation: Hello - aaahh

Sentence: Oh, god, I just did a complete helloaaaah to that wierd guy!

Etymology: Combination of "Hello" and "aaaahh", as in the sound one makes when one frantically tries to place who a person is and what to say to cover the gaff.

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