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'Look at these lovely lunches. I'm tempted to steal one...'

DEFINITION: v., To swap your lousy lunch for a way tastier one found in the shared office fridge. n., A lunch which is borrowed from a coworker and will not be returned until after it has been consumed.

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Created by: Osomatic

Pronunciation: thee + ver + eat

Sentence: I forgot my lunch today, so I'll just hit the fridge and theivereat.

Etymology: theivery + eat

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Created by: aiiden

Pronunciation: grab-uh-dab

Sentence: I'll just grabadab this one, it looks so damn delicious!

Etymology: grab= to take something a= something dab= quick small mark or impression

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Created by: iluvenglish

Pronunciation: swa-punch

Sentence: roger was dying to swapunch his lunch for the salmon steak.

Etymology: swap, lunch

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Created by: serickson

Pronunciation: smore' guss bahr' ro ing

Sentence: Jane would have gotten away with her smorgasborrowing yesterday if she hadn't gotten sick on Marty's desk after eating Marty's lunch.

Etymology: Swedish: s'mores - yummy chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker treat; OE - Gas - result of too much of the wrong food; ME - borrow - to receive from someone else

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: Re-FRIJ-er-aid-ing

Sentence: Tired of his stale peanut butter sandwiches Virgil went refrigeraiding until he found something a bit tastier.

Etymology: Refrigerator - raiding


great word - makes me think of Indiana Jones - Jabberwocky, 2007-11-05: 13:10:00

Very good word! - OZZIEBOB, 2007-11-05: 16:37:00


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Created by: metrohumanx

Pronunciation: up-PIL-fridge-ATE alt;UPILFRIDGEATE

Sentence: Hank the Shank was a model citizen, an adequate employee and an active member of his community. Unbeknownst to his co-workers, he was also the office food thief, stealthily swapping his unappetizing mozzarella sticks for someone's imported brie. Hank the Shank would UPILFRIDGEATE his bland baloney sandwiches for a slice of Cap's home made quiche when nobody was looking, and justify it to himself by leaving low-grade generic foodstuffs behind. His moral oversight resulted in the communal refrigerator filling up with industrial-grade munchies which remained untouched and unwanted. With each foodswap, his guilt and fear would grow, but he was unable to stop himself. Hank the Shank knew that if he was caught UPILFRIDGEATING, he would be shunned by his comrades and a fog of suspicion would linger over him like a noxious cloud of escaped freon. To a foodlum like Hank, the bleu cheese was always greener on the other side of the fence.

Etymology: UP+PILFer+refRIDGErate+ATE= UPILFRIDGEATE .....UP:from "upgrade".....PILFER:: steal ; especially : to steal stealthily in small amounts and often again and again;Middle French pelfrer, from pelfre booty.....ATE: past tense of EAT;: to take in through the mouth as food : ingest, chew, and swallow in turn;Middle English eten, from Old English etan; akin to Old High German ezzan to eat, Latin edere, Greek edmenai


metrohumanx - metrohumanx, 2008-10-02: 02:37:00

metrohumanx - metrohumanx, 2008-10-02: 02:54:00

excellent prose - Jabberwocky, 2008-10-02: 13:25:00 it! Quel fromage! - Nosila, 2008-10-02: 22:19:00


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Created by: Bunny36

Pronunciation: Pit-yoop-elf

Sentence: "Where did I put those cheese and pickl- This looks like egg mayo. Hey! Who's pitupelfed my lunch this time?!"

Etymology: From the Iranian 'pitu' meaning food + 'pelf' from 'pelfre,' Old French for booty or spoils.


Good onya Bunny for having the "bottle" to include an element from Iranian in your word. - OZZIEBOB, 2007-11-05: 16:43:00


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Created by: LotusB

Pronunciation: Fridge-a-nin-ja


Etymology: Fridge (refrigerator) + Ninja (silent, stealthy mercenary agent) = Fridganinja

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Created by: porsche

Pronunciation: lunch/on/you

Sentence: When I forget my lunch, I have luncheonu.

Etymology: luncheon/you(u)

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Created by: milorush

Pronunciation: (adj.)snāg'wŏŏd' - Snagwood sandwich

Sentence: Galen usually indulges in a Snagwood sandwich when he forgets to bring his lunch.

Etymology: snag + [Dag]wood = (a thick sandwich filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, dressings, and condiments)

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-11-05: 02:55:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram! ~ James'

OZZIEBOB - 2007-11-05: 06:09:00
Good definition,REMI! During 40+ years of work, I found it to be a regular occurrence- probably happening somewhere right now!

mplsbohemian - 2007-11-05: 10:07:00
This has produced a great batch of words so far!

remistram - 2007-11-05: 10:47:00
It happens to all of us at least once during our working life!

purpleartichokes - 2007-11-05: 11:00:00
Happened with dip I brought in. Caught him in the act. Wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't double-dipping. And didn't have really poor oral hygiene. And I wasn't sure that it was his first offense and I had actually eaten the dip after him at some point. Yuck!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-03-02: 00:03:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram. ~ James