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'Oh Ducky, I'm so glad that I can talk to you'

DEFINITION: n. A person who has the highly developed ability to communicate on a direct level with any type of animal, except for human beings. v. To talk to animals because you know that communicating with people is useless.

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Created by: kashman

Pronunciation: anee-mun-sea-ate

Sentence: Lauren has always been an animal lover. Her parents supported her animunciation hoping that it's just a phase in her growing up life. But when they were told by Lauren's teachers that she animunciates with the rats and frogs in her school's biology lab, they knew something was wrong. Later on when she went to college and one Thanksgiving week they received a call from her that she is bringing "someone" with her, it got them all excited. Finally, the Thanksgiving day arrived and the door bell rang; Lauren's parents opened the door beamingly to find her animunciating with a dog!

Etymology: Animal + Enunciate (to speak clearly)

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: pet spur antow

Sentence: Not only could she speak petsperanto, she could tweet.

Etymology: esperanto, pet

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Created by: youmustvotenato

Pronunciation: ostrich-size

Sentence: Jennifre, engaged deep in a coversation with a snow leopard at the zoo, ignored the sneers and giggles of people passing by. The cat-whisperer, ostrichized from society, knew that her feline friends were her true companions

Etymology: Ostrich + Ostracize


youmustvotenato Yes, her hippie parents named her Jennifre. - youmustvotenato, 2011-10-21: 10:27:00


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Created by: balku4

Pronunciation: an-mal

Sentence: hi i am a annmmall

Etymology: dmgolej

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Created by: metrohumanx

Pronunciation: PET-OPHELIA

Sentence: The old neighborhood Just ain't the same Nobody knows just What became of Ophelia? Where have you gone? .....Ashes of laughter The coast is clear Why do the best things always disappear? Like Ophelia... Please darken my door. .....lyrics by The Band

Etymology: PET+OH!+FEELYA=PETOFEELYA.....PET: a domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility perhaps back-formation from Middle English pety small.....OH!: used to express acknowledgment or understanding of a statement [interjection].....FEEL YA: late 20th centuy slang, possibly rooted in ebonics, derived from the phrase" I FEEL YA"-implying a deep, unspoken empathy bordering on mystical understanding..... FEEL to be aware of by instinct or inference. Middle English felen, from Old English fēlan; akin to Old High German fuolen to feel, Latin palpare to caress.....OPHELIA: A pivotal character in Hamlet, Ophelia is the most one-dimensional. She has the potential to become a tragic heroine but she instead crumbles into insanity, becoming merely tragic and ducklike. Ophelia sings songs and waddles around the stage,handing out flowers while citing their symbolic meanings and consuming millet. Although interpretations of the meanings differ, her telepathic contact with deceased waterfowl is generally accepted as a manifestation of madness- at least in the stage version that recently made it's North American tour of shabby playhouses and art-nouveaux beer gardens......


Felin(e) ya Oh!philia :P - dochanne, 2009-05-18: 02:54:00

Ophelia Good, like I know I should now.. - Nosila, 2009-05-18: 13:17:00

funny.... - mweinmann, 2009-05-18: 22:45:00

You're back inventing words again! Good :) I've missed you! Great sentence and funny word! I clicked on the word just to see who could come up with a word like this and BOOM it's YOU! KUDOS! :) - abrakadeborah, 2009-05-19: 02:56:00


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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: mal lard kee

Sentence: Dinah Drake was given to talking to her pet Duck, Quacker, and he apparently understood her, much better than her friends and family did. In fact, he thought that when she made noises at him, she was just full of mallardkey!

Etymology: Mallard (wild dabbling duck from which domestic ducks are descended) & Malarkey (Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: ark tik you late

Sentence: Fauna could arkticulate with any kind of animal on the planet. She had a rare gift that allowed her to speak and be understood by each creature in their native tongue. She could hawk-talk;yakity-yak;elephant-rant;utter-otter;giraffe-gaffe;fish-dish;talk turkey;rattler-tattler;shark-bark;rabbit-on;horse-discourse and goat-quote. She was fluent in flamingo-lingo & dingo-lingo;fox-talks & ox-talks;cat-chat & rat-chat;ram-jam & lamb-jam;seal-spiel & eel-spiel;hog-blog & dog-blog;lynx-thinks;gander-slander;worm-term;panda-memoranda and leech-speech. She could also speak legal-beagle;bird-word;spout-trout;jaw-macaw;slang-orangutang;fawn-phonetics;gibbons-gibber;rhino-rhetoric;ass-sass;bear-criticism and pelican-brief. She had a built-in critter transmitter. She knew American Swine language and was considered fly-lingual. Yes, Fauna deerly loved all creatures but one: people. They were the real beasts!

Etymology: ark (as in Noah's Ark, where there were 2 of every every kind of animal on Earth) & articulate (speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way or put into words or an expression)


Whoo hoo! Your sentence is laugh-out-loud funny. 'bear-criticism and pelican- brief.' Love it. how about knowing the worm terms and the ant rants? can't leave out the lesser among us, now, can we? - stache, 2008-03-28: 01:44:00

jeez-you amended before I could post my comment and beat me to one of 'em! - stache, 2008-03-28: 01:46:00

sorry, stache, as soon as I go to end it,I think of another. Make the animal voices stop! - Nosila, 2008-03-28: 01:50:00

petaj funky-glibbon, gosshawk-gossip, cricket-critique, crow-crow, raven-on, - fun stuff, got my vote. - petaj, 2008-03-28: 07:40:00

great word - Jabberwocky, 2008-03-28: 11:26:00

Cheers, mates...After I signed off, they kept popping in my head: wombat-chat;moose-juice; and many other terns of phrases! - Nosila, 2008-03-28: 23:58:00

Missed this one completely:great word! - OZZIEBOB, 2008-04-01: 20:40:00


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Created by: abrakadeborah

Pronunciation: E.S.P.-mam-ah-lize-er

Sentence: Whenever Gertrude wanted, she could turn on her Espmamallizer and talk to any animal. She somehow knew when they were quacking up!

Etymology: E.S.P- Communication or perception by means other than the physical senses. [e(xtra)s(ensory) p(erception).] Mamal-(I removed one M for Mammal):Any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia. Mamallizer: A person that can instictively talk to animals of all types...even the spineless :)

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Created by: clarice

Pronunciation: chick chat

Sentence: Clarice never believed talking to plants would make them grow faster and healthier. However, she would always chickchat away at the chicken farm. ---- another sentence ---- Clarice and her canary chickchatted all afternoon.

Etymology: chick (young bird especially of domestic fowl, slang for youg ladies) + chat (an informal conversation, birds having a chattering call)


:) - galwaywegian, 2010-06-04: 05:47:00


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Created by: bookowl

Pronunciation: pet/ril/o/quist

Sentence: A petriloquist is an interpeter who can understand and mimic pets.

Etymology: pet + ventriloquist

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Great 'toon, as usual. Thanks for the def, too, leechdude.

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thanks, JW.

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Reducks revisited... ~ James

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