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'I'm clean! Clean as a needle!'

DEFINITION: n. The prescribed response of shock and denial that all world-class athletes follow when caught using banned drugs. v. To act shocked and deny guilt when accused of wrong-doing.

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Created by: Clayton

Pronunciation: proh-VAR-i-kon-truh-in-di-KEY-shuhn

Sentence: Barry was caught up in a moment of classic prevaricontraindication: just lie to the reporters and hopefully it will all go away. Except the sterility. And the shrunken testes. And the heart disease. And the liver failure.

Etymology: prevarication + contraindication

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: kon tra ban dik shun

Sentence: When the IOC doctors drug-tested and failed the World Champion cyclist, he was in a state of contrabandiction. He'd paid out a lot for pills that turned out to be Midols. Some thought he traded in his bike for a menstrual cycle...

Etymology: Contraband (illegal substance sold or possessed) & Contradiction (deny the truth of;prove false)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: ster oy tip ikal

Sentence: Olympian cyclist, Jen DarBender, was given a surprise drug test just prior to the women's Gold Medal competition. Not only was the athlete's denial to claims of drug use steroitypical, it was revealed that Jen was not a female, but a male. Somewhere along the line, Jan had apparently traded in the old menstrual cycle for a Schwinn.

Etymology: Steroid (class of performance enhancement drugs) & Stereotypical (lacking spontaneity or originality or individuality;any hormone affecting the development and growth of sex organs)

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: dinīəbälikəl

Sentence: The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports is deniabolical.

Etymology: deny (refuse to admit the truth) + anabolic steroid (a synthetic steroid hormone that resembles testosterone in promoting the growth of muscle) + diabolical (belonging to or so evil as to recall the Devil)

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Created by: benjamin

Pronunciation: DOE-p

Sentence: What do you mean "horse growth hormone?" Dohpe!

Etymology: D'oh (expression of grief a la Homer Simpson) + Dope (illicit substance)


Good one! - Stevenson0, 2007-05-23: 12:44:00


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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: jok-dope

Sentence: Chip was great at jockdoping especially when he had his lucky shorts on.

Etymology: jock (athlete) + dope (slang for dumb-ass and drugs)

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Created by: Rhyme79

Pronunciation: dr-oh-k

Sentence: Henry's facade of complete drock wasn't a surprise to his opponents.

Etymology: Amalgamation of 'drug' and 'shock'.


Reminds me of dreck and crock. It sounds great. - Discoveria, 2012-09-19: 21:11:00


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Created by: ohwtepph

Pronunciation: /stir - roid/

Sentence: I found out that athletes share a common defensive reflex when I sent fake e-mails to all of the Olympics athletes that they were discovered to be on physically enhancing illegal drugs. I will call this worldwide phenomenon a "stirroid".

Etymology: stir [cause a stir; a commotion] + steroid

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Created by: serendipity9000

Pronunciation: ack-used-flex

Sentence: The reporter had barely gotten the accusation out of his mouth when the athlete responded with their stock accusedflex answer "Must be a sample mixup".

Etymology: accused + flex (from reflex)

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Created by: cohenarie

Pronunciation: ,far ma pa 'lozh ee a

Sentence: The offering of unlikely and elaborate justifications -- "I was taking cold medicine, see, and I'm allergic to all the normal active ingredients, so I had to take specially formulated custom cold medicine, that happened to contain chemicals that appear similar to steroids in tests." -- is a hallmark of pharmapologia.

Etymology: From pharmacology and the older sense of apologize (to offer justifications and explanations, rather than to express regret and guilt).


Excellent word! - ErWenn, 2007-05-24: 20:11:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-05-23: 10:07:00
Some of the best Verboticisms were late showing up this morning, even though they had already entered the race. I categorically deny that this had anything to do with the use of stimulants. ~ James

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