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'I'm clean! Clean as a needle!'

DEFINITION: n. The prescribed response of shock and denial that all world-class athletes follow when caught using banned drugs. v. To act shocked and deny guilt when accused of wrong-doing.

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: nun dra lown

Sentence: He went into the press dispute and gave a very very very energetic version of the nonedralone defense.

Etymology: nandralone and none

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Created by: CharlieB

Pronunciation: per-plex-ess

Sentence: When told his doping test had come up positive, Francis's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. His overaction was so perplexcessive that no one doubted the accuracy of the results.

Etymology: perplexed (confused, bewildered) + excess (a surplus, abnormality)

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Created by: daisy

Pronunciation: doe-pi-fide

Sentence: Mr. Landis was dopified to learn that those bottles of steroid water could actually be detected.


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Created by: grasshopper

Pronunciation: Ig/no/bl/iv/ian

Sentence: The winner of the weight lifting competation stated that he was ignoblivian about any drugs that he was being accusd of using.

Etymology: Igno = Ignorant/ oblivian = oblivious Ignoblivian

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: kon tra ban dik shun

Sentence: When the IOC doctors drug-tested and failed the World Champion cyclist, he was in a state of contrabandiction. He'd paid out a lot for pills that turned out to be Midols. Some thought he traded in his bike for a menstrual cycle...

Etymology: Contraband (illegal substance sold or possessed) & Contradiction (deny the truth of;prove false)

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Created by: serendipity9000

Pronunciation: ack-used-flex

Sentence: The reporter had barely gotten the accusation out of his mouth when the athlete responded with their stock accusedflex answer "Must be a sample mixup".

Etymology: accused + flex (from reflex)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: ster oy tip ikal

Sentence: Olympian cyclist, Jen DarBender, was given a surprise drug test just prior to the women's Gold Medal competition. Not only was the athlete's denial to claims of drug use steroitypical, it was revealed that Jen was not a female, but a male. Somewhere along the line, Jan had apparently traded in the old menstrual cycle for a Schwinn.

Etymology: Steroid (class of performance enhancement drugs) & Stereotypical (lacking spontaneity or originality or individuality;any hormone affecting the development and growth of sex organs)

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Created by: Scattercat

Pronunciation: de-FIB-you-lay-shun

Sentence: Despite the complications when his second test came back inconclusive, in the end the defibulation was no different than many others, ending in a few years seclusion until the product endorsements could be safely resumed.

Etymology: To gradually remove the fibs from someone, preferably by means of electric shock.

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Created by: Discoveria

Pronunciation: no-STIMM-pix

Sentence: Richard's nostimpics were almost as bad as his Olympics sportsmanship - he was caught doping in two different sports!

Etymology: no + stim (stimulant) + pics (pictures) + rhymes with Olympics


Great sounding word, and fun to say! :) - Rhyme79, 2012-09-19: 10:26:00


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Created by: jesster

Pronunciation: tes-TOS-ter-age

Sentence: When the reporter asked him to comment on his positive test results, the athlete was overcome by testosterage.

Etymology: testosterone (male hormone that is linked to aggression) + rage (blinding anger)

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Some of the best Verboticisms were late showing up this morning, even though they had already entered the race. I categorically deny that this had anything to do with the use of stimulants. ~ James

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