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DEFINITION: v.To be so obsessed with your own cleverness and wittiness that you don't listen to what anyone else is saying, let alone understand them. v. A person who is obsessed with their own wittiness.

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Created by: Stevenson0


Sentence: Pompbastic Paul was proud of his perfect pathetic pun.

Etymology: pompous + bombastic

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Created by: ChrisCarrk

Pronunciation: sell-flat-oh-no-me

Sentence: He was a graduate of the selflatonomy class.

Etymology: self flattering

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Created by: qwerty



Etymology: auto = self, phasia from aphasia

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Created by: jmedaris

Pronunciation: wit-ig-nor-a-mus

Sentence: As usual, the wittignoramous commandeered the conversation, dropping pearls of wisdom at the feet of us swine!


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Created by: Holey

Pronunciation: nahr-SISS-you-dite

Sentence: Dorian continued to narcissudite long after the rest of the partygoers had edged away, but he received excellent feedback from the echo of his own voice, and reflected with satisfaction upon his half-witticisms.

Etymology: narcissist + erudite

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Created by: OldEnglish




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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: wild-thing

Sentence: As he finished flipping through the scrapbook of his most humourous Tweets. he realised he was becoming quite the wildething

Etymology: Oscar Wilde, Wild Thing


You make my heart sing! - Nosila, 2009-07-17: 10:18:00


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Created by: xMelody

Pronunciation: rep-er-tee-go, -tey-go.

Sentence: He's suffering from an oversized reparteego.

Etymology: repartee; ego

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: wit/ti/sis/sis/tic

Sentence: Paul is a perfectly proud, puffy, pompous witticissistic, unashamed of his own lack of humour in the so-called jokes that he constantly pushes on his unlaughing friends.

Etymology: witticism + narcissistic

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Created by: Jabberwocky


Sentence: His vanwitty was so astonishing - he kept himself amused all day with his clever banter

Etymology: vanity + wit

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- 2006-11-16: 07:11:00
Vanwitty is a good one.

- 2006-11-16: 10:11:00
The sentences need more profile -- they are as amusing as the words: The egowilde chortled at his own jokes so loudly he could not hear anyone else speak.

franke franke - 2006-11-16: 19:11:00
Nice one Bjorn!

queeny - 2006-11-17: 14:11:00
I wish I could change my vote. sometimes I vote to early in the day. I want to change my vote. please. ps. great colourful cartoons. I love to see them printed up on a shirt or something.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-07-17: 00:05:00
Today's definition was illustrated by Franke James. Thank you Franke. ~ James