Verboticism: Selfsufishscent

'Yes, I have started working out at lunch. How did you know? '

DEFINITION: n., A person who exudes confidence and a strong offensive odor. v., To be blithely yet resolutely unaware of one's own odors.

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Created by: ScrabbledEgg

Pronunciation: self-suh-FISH-SENT

Sentence: When he boldly asked her out, she found him to be completely self-sufishscent. Being aromatose (comatose + aroma), he just assumed her eyes were watering from joy, which made him all the more insulfurable. (insufferable + sulfur)

Etymology: self-sufficient + fish + scent

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Comments: Selfsufishscent

Scrumpy - 2007-10-02: 09:03:00
I had kippers for breakfast so this word hits home. Great word and funny sentence!

OZZIEBOB - 2007-10-02: 18:18:00
Aromatose- great word!